The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in Working Tests

Draught Level 1

Judges: Miss F. Lucas & Mr. P. Lewin

2 passed out of 2 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Branson, Mr. & Mrs. C. BALOU
Scott, Mr. & Mrs. R. EBONY Lady Josephine

Draught Level 2

Judges: Mr. J. Brown & Mr. C. Haylock

5 passed out of 11 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Baugh, Mr. & Mrs. D. ROBBIE Cumngo New Century Dawns Over Bearhugs
Constable, Mrs. S. DAISY Culnor Be Cool
Raven, Miss. A. SCOOBY Stelamah Firesoldier
Thompson, Mrs. K. ROLO Noddstrickle Bilabong
Woodhall, Mr. & Mrs. B. HAGRID Bearhugs Hagrid

Draught Level 4

Judges: Mrs. K. Brown & Miss V. Chadwick

1 passed out of 3 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Lewin, Mr. & Mrs. P. JAKE Kjalarnes Allestjerne

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