The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in the show ring

The Kennel Club Builidng, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ


Photograph of the show judges, Mr. Chris Drury and Mr. John Evans

Dogs: Mr. Chris Drury
Bitches: Mr. John Evans (Abbeydore)

Mr. Chris Drury (left) pictured here with Club President, Mrs. Carol Cooper and Mr. John Evans (right)


Photograph of the Best In Show winner, Shalowseas Spin Doctor

Shalowseas Spin Doctor

Pictured here with handler Miss. J. Hindlett being presented with the Best In Show trophy by Club President, Mrs. Carol Cooper, flanked by the judges Mr. Chris Drury (left) and Mr. John Evans (right)

"It was a great pleasure to judge the dogs at the first joint Newfoundland Club/Northern Newfoundland Club show. There were many good quality specimens despite the numbers not being high. There was a range of type but I was very pleased with my winners and my ticket winner did me proud when paraded for my co-judge. Presentation was first class without exception. There are a large number of dogs who moved very close in the rear and I only found three disappointing bites. In the challenge I particularly pulled forward my four favourite winners who I thought were of similar type.

May I thank the committee for their hospitality which was much appreciated and the excellent work of my two stewards who kept everything running smoothly and in harmony with my co-judge. May I also thank my co-judge John Evans for the efficient manner in which our joint decisions were made and my apologies to the referee Jean Hammond who was not called upon!"

Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 3 / 3 abs

Puppy Dog

Entries: 4 / 1 abs
Hanningfield Self Portrait

Hanningfield Self Portrait
Puppy Dog Winner

1st - Hanningfield Self Portrait

"9½ month Black, not the biggest but of good proportions and good type, head well balanced and attractive and kind with dark eye and good dentition. Good bone and well assembled front. Easy free, well controlled action with good range and drive. Well developed for age. "

2nd - Vodahond The One

"10 month black, well presented again with easy free flowing action. A little loose in topline presently but plenty to come. Attractive headpiece. Good front assembly but a little straight in rear. Lost out to winner on expression. "

3rd - Vodahond Innuendo

"10 month brown who needs to settle - Plenty to come and one to watch. Presently narrow throughout but will improve. Attractive balanced with well set ears. Good reach of neck. Overall well balanced and good outline. A little straight in the rear presently."

Veteran Dog

Entries: 5 / 3 abs
Paradeso Spirito Di Italia

Paradeso Spirito Di Italia
Veteran Dog Winner

1st - Paradeso Spirito Di Italia

"7 year black dog, not the biggest but lovely type and outline. Moved with energy and purpose. Well balance throughout and held topline well at all times. Attractive kind headpiece with good quality in shape and colour giving handsome expression. Good bone to complement overall size. Overall well done "

2nd - Wanitopa Suzuki

"8 year white and black, Substantial dog who looked a picture standing. Attractive masculine headpiece of great quality with well set ears to match. Good angles front and rear and expected more on move so was a little disappointed at the the lack of drive in the rear but a pleasure to go over. Well presented and handled to good effect. "

Junior Dog

Entries: 1 / 1 abs

Yearling Dog

Entries: 4 / 1 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Benkerin Sweet Victory

"2 year black dog with attractive head masculine but kind expression of good type, well set ears of good size not the biggest but good quality and balance. Carrying a little too much weight to show himself to best advantage. Good angles throughout. Bone enough to complement size. Needed to give more on the move. "

2nd - Kalibah Christmas Cracker

"19 month black who is presently narrow on the front and the elbows and unsettled on the move. Bone to complement size. Moved with purpose and drive but looking immature presently and needs time. Overall good outline and good angles in the rear. "

3rd - Kalibah Klosters King

"19 month black who is presently rather upright in front and steep in the rear and narrow at the elbow and certainly needs time to develop. He looked juvenile in this company. Kind soft expression and held topline well on the move "

Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 7 / 1 abs
Tallisbay To The Top

Tallisbay To The Top
Post Graduate Dog Winner

1st - Tallisbay To The Top

"2 Year 4 month black dog of good substance, carrying a little too much weight. Super masculine headpiece with good expression, ears a little low set. Good outline when stood. Bone to complement, although not the biggest. Moved with drive reach and purpose. Plenty of good qualities - but no more weight and will do well. "

2nd - Wanitopa Barber Of Seville At Millthorpe

"23 month black with plenty to come. Presented in excellent order. Bone to complement size. Needs time to settle but lots of promise. Will look stronger on move when finished but outpowered by older dog today. Good in outline. "

3rd - Joalta Moon Mission

"3 year white and black as always beautifully presented and handled with style. Lots to like and makes a good outline when stood but his straight rear disappoints on move where he lacks drive behind but a bonnie picture nevertheless. "

Mid Limit Dog

Entries: 7 / 1 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Hanningfield Touch Of Magic Jw Shcm

"2 year black dog with much to admire. Attractive masculine headpiece with good qualities and well proportioned and good dentition. Good reach of neck and super outline of crest of neck. Well balanced angles front and rear and moved with drive and purpose. Bone to complement overall picture. Handled to best effect and beautifully presented to best advantage "

2nd - Jolakada Danzino

"4 year black who worked hard. A little upright in front which appearance of dropping away n the rear but made the most of himself. Smaller type and up against tough competition. "

Limit Dog

Entries: 7 / 1 abs
Shalowseas Spin Doctor

Shalowseas Spin Doctor
Limit Dog Winner

1st - Shalowseas Spin Doctor

"Substantial black 3 year old in beautiful correct double jacket making super outline, Attractive masculine handsome kind headpiece with much quality super bone throughout. Moved with style, purpose, reach and drive and a true newfie roll. Held topline well at all times. Well balanced angulation and presented in wonderful order and handled to best effect. Clearly out standing on the day as my co-judge agreed. "

2nd - Chateaunewf Gifted N Black

"2 Year black of smaller size with good breed type. Lack of jacket badly exposed by winner dripping in coat. Needed more effort in rear on move, Generally good outline with masculine kind expression possibly a little deep in muzzle to balance head. "

3rd - Hanningfield Rushing River

"3 year black of good proportion throughout. Bone to complement and angles that balance. Moved with style and purpose. Attractive kind headpiece of good qualities. Making super outline when stood and presented in good order. "

Open Dog

Entries: 3 / 2 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Cewrirdwr Llyn Brenig At Ursamajor

"3 year black of good size with bone to complement. Attractive masculine headpiece with much - an attractive picture. Head of good proportions and wells et ears. When he pulled himself together trotted with style and purpose but paced too readily. Well balanced angulation throughout. "

Special Open Dog (Black)

Entries: 5 / 1 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Am/Ch Fairweathers Kindred Spirit (ATC: AK00459CHE)

"3 year black with impressive head that was both handsome and kind, good depth of muzzle to complement top skull. Good angles throughout making super outline and terrific proportions. Super bone and beautiful shaped feet. Presented to perfection as usual. Such a lovely expression. Too laid back on the move to challenge for top honours today. "

2nd - Am./Gib/Esp./Fr./Por. Ch Good As Gold Anmalamual Del Basaburua

"Another of good size who moved with much style and drive making close decision with 1. Good angles and out line but slightly smaller than and lacked the qualities of 1, but all the same super specimen with much to like. Particularly making stylish outline when moving. "

3rd - Ch Hanningfield Big Beam

"5 year black dog good quality with lots to like but in tough company here. Masculine headpiece with good expression and qualities. Bone to complement overall size. Good angles and proportions generally, moved with easy free action and god drive and range. Well handled and presented. "

Special Open Dog (Brown)

Entries: 6 / 1 abs
Paradeso Spirit In The Sky

Paradeso Spirit In The Sky
Special Open Dog (Brown) Winner

1st - Paradeso Spirit In The Sky

"3½ year old of super masculine type. Good angles and proportions if not the biggest type. Super handsome kind headpiece of some quality. Presented in the most excellent coat. Bone to complement size. Made the most of himself on the move and handled to best effect. Well done Best Brown Dog. "

2nd - Mio Bar Von Rodebachtal At Charmedgift (Imp)

"4 year old of great style on the move with plenty of enthusiasm, made the most of himself and a pleasure to watch him drive around the ring. Close up to 1 but a little upright in front but otherwise overall good proportions and working hard to please handler. Not the strongest of muzzles for a male. "

3rd - Stelamah Hint Of Gold

"6 year 10 months of impressive size throughout with strong attractive masculine headpiece of good proportions. Bone to complement size. Moved with style and purpose from good angles. Balanced and making good shape. Well presented and handled to good effect. "

Special Open Dog (Landseer)

Entries: 3 / 0 abs
Darkpeak Raging Storm From Millthorpe Jw

Darkpeak Raging Storm From Millthorpe Jw
Special Open Dog (Landseer) Winner

1st - Darkpeak Raging Storm From Millthorpe Jw

"Upstanding 2 years very stylish headpiece of quality to compare with the best. Not the greatest marking but an outline of real quality. Held topline well at all times. Covered ground with ease style and purpose, displaying true Newfoundland roll as he went, making the most of his good angles. Bone to complement size. Good shape over the croup. Attractive eyes of good shape and colour. "

2nd - Lifeguard On The Rocks At Karazan Via Seafar

"Super presentation of this 5 year old boy of smaller type but making most of himself. Balanced throughout, a little light on bone but still masculine enough. Making a lovely outline when stood. A little narrow at the elbow. "

3rd - Joalta Moon Mission

"Previously placed 3rd in Post Graduate Dog."

"I felt very privileged to be invited to judge bitches in the First Joint Championship Show and would like to thank The Newfoundland Club for inviting me and also the exhibitors who entered their dogs under me.

The overall general quality of the bitches was very good with excellent temperaments, clean and well groomed dogs. My main concern was with rear movement particularly in the lower class where some bitches were too close or cow hocked .This however does not distract from my winners on the day. "

Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 8 / 4 abs
Evanpark Marilyn Rose

Evanpark Marilyn Rose
Minor Puppy Bitch Winner

1st - Evanpark Marilyn Rose

"8 month old sweet little girl, head showing promise, correct eye, well boned and good rear angulated hind quarters. Moved well when settled. "

2nd - Chateaunewf Blue Heaven

"Nice puppy of good quality a little smaller than first but well put together, straight front, level topline good rear angulation. "

3rd - Evanpark Liberty Of The Seas

"Lovely little girl with nice head and good front, level topline, a little loose from behind and needs to tighten up, but still a baby and has plenty of time. "

Puppy Bitch

Entries: 3 / 0 abs
Hanningfield Mona Lisa

Hanningfield Mona Lisa
Puppy Bitch Winner

1st - Hanningfield Mona Lisa

"Quality bitch with feminine head, straight front, good bite correct ear set and deep muzzle. Level topline and good rear angulation. Correct tail set moved and presented well, should have a bright future and well deserved best puppy in show. "

2nd - Vodahond Carrie-ann

"Larger bitch than first, lovely shaped head, good bone and level topeline just preferred movement on first. "

3rd - Lossmaig Pumpkin

"Good shaped head with straight front not as good in movement as 1 and 2 needs to tighten up. "

Veteran Bitch

Entries: 3 / 1 abs
Zentaur Givus Tamoradat

Zentaur Givus Tamoradat
Veteran Bitch Winner

1st - Zentaur Givus Tamoradat

"7 year old lovely black bitch of sound quality with good size head, straight front, level topline correct tailset still moves well with pace and vigour. "

2nd - Ch Hanningfield Wet N Wild

"Lovely shaped bitch of sound quality with broad head, deep chest straight shoulders level topline. Just preferred 1st on front movement. "

Junior Bitch

Entries: 8 / 2 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Merrybear The One And Only

"Quality bitch of pleasing type, correct head, dark eye, level topline correct tailset. Good rear angulation and moved freely when settled down. "

2nd - Cannon Bears Never Forget Imp

"Sweet little girl with good dark eye and deep muzzle, honest front, level topline good tail set just preferred first on movement. "

3rd - Lossmaig Flora Mcdonald

"Pretty girl with good head, dark eye and correct bite. Deep chest and level topline, with correct tail set moved well. "

Yearling Bitch

Entries: 5 / 2 abs
Sandbears Go With Flo

Sandbears Go With Flo
Yearling Bitch Winner

1st - Sandbears Go With Flo

"Delightful pretty bitch with gentle expression. Good head with well set ears. Correct bite, well set shoulders straight front and deep chest. Level topline with good rear angulation moved with drive presented in top condition. Wonderful ring presence. One to watch. "

2nd - Quietstorm Solstice

"Larger bitch than first but all in proportion. Good strong head with dark eye and correct muzzle. Good shoulders straight front and rear angulation. Good quality bitch. "

3rd - Mayoss Dancing Star For Jolakada

"Sweet bitch, smaller than 1 and 2 Nice head, dark eye with good front. Correct shoulders and topline. "

Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 11 / 1 abs
Sandbears Go With Flo

Sandbears Go With Flo
Post Graduate Bitch Winner

1st - Sandbears Go With Flo

"The hardest class of the day so far. Just splitting hairs to arrive at the result. "

2nd - Cewrirdwr Llyn Gwynant

"A good size bitch of sound quality. Broad head with deep muzzle and dark eye. Straight front tight feet with level topline held on the move. Well balanced. Just a little close from behind. "

3rd - Joalta Dream Lover

"Delightful bitch with gentle expression. Well set shoulders with good topline and rear angulation moved well. "

Mid Limit Bitch

Entries: 8 / 3 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Cayuga Slam Dunk At Sandbears Imp

"Beautiful balanced bitch with quality feminine head ,good length of neck and excellent confirmation. Level topline, straight front and correct feet. Well ribbed with correct tailset, moved with drive. A well deserved first place. "

2nd - Sheridel Patience

"Large bitch with good bone and powerful hindquarters. Level topline with good tailset. Just preferred one on movement. "

3rd - Stelamah Sealed With A Kiss

"Larger bitch than first or second with a broad head, correct bite and well set shoulders, moved well but carrying to much weight which caused topline to drop. Turned out well. "

Limit Bitch

Entries: 8 / 3 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Powerhouse Portia

"A lot to like about this bitch. Good head with lovely expression, ample bone with well shaped feet, in good coat and condition. Moved well. "

2nd - Mayoss Lady Molly

"Quality bitch with pleasant expression, dark eye and good bone. Honest straight front with level topline. Preferred 1st on head and movement. "

3rd - Charmedgift Andromeda

"Smaller bitch with pleasant feminine expression not to overdone, straight front with level topline. "

Open Bitch

Entries: 4 / 0 abs
Sandbears Americano

Sandbears Americano
Open Bitch Winner

1st - Sandbears Americano

"Quality bitch, with stunning outline. Lovely head with dark eye and correct bite. Strong boned on good shoulders and tight feet. Level topline which held on the move and good rear angulation. Beautifully presented. Lovely free mover and well balanced. "

2nd - Sheridel Neona

"Larger bitch than first but well put together. Plenty of bone with deep chest and straight front. Good shoulder placement and rear angulation. Just preferred 1 on balance. "

3rd - Tahyee Saint Beryan

"Another big girl. Straight front and good bone kept topline on the move although a little erratic. Well muscled rear quarters. Just preferred 2 on head. "

Special Open Bitch (Black)

Entries: 7 / 1 abs
King Of Helluland The One I Love At Chateaunewf

King Of Helluland The One I Love At Chateaunewf
Special Open Bitch (Black) Winner

1st - King Of Helluland The One I Love At Chateaunewf

"Well balanced bitch of sound quality, feminine head with deep muzzle, dark eye and correct bite. Straight front on well placed shoulders, good bone and spring of rib. Held topline on the move, good rear angulation moved well around the ring, presented in first class condition. "

2nd - Scotiabear Miss Marple

"Good size bitch with broad head and deep muzzle. Correct bite and well set ears. Pleasing eye and expression. Straight front with tight feet. Level topline with good angulation. Splitting hairs on 1 & 2 just breaking down slightly on the run off. Well presented. "

3rd - Hanningfield Blue Moon At Paradeso

"Delightful bitch of quality, a little light in the eye but sound in front & rear just lost out to 1 & 2 on head. "

Special Open Bitch (Brown)

Entries: 2 / 0 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Seafar Samba

"Good solid quality brown girl with broad head, lovely deep muzzle and correct bite. Level topline and good rear angulation very balanced for her age. Moved well. "

2nd - Kodiak Fortune Kookie

"Nice bitch of sound quality, deep muzzle, good bite, level topline moved with drive. Lacking in coat and preferred head of 1. "

Special Open Bitch (Landseer)

Entries: 4 / 3 abs
Photograph not available

1st - Seafar Dani California

"Very eye catching Landseer with good clean markings. Pretty feminine head with good reach of neck, correct eye and good bite. Straight front on well placed shoulders, good angulation. Moved with drive and well presented. "