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The Newfoundland Club in the UK is the oldest Breed Club in the world and established the Standard which has been used as the basis in all other countries.

There are now many representative Breed Clubs worldwide, these are links to some of them. If you know of any National Breed Clubs which we haven't included or spot any broken/out-of-date links, please let us know by emailing

Newfoundland Clubs of the World

Australia Newfoundland Club of New South Wales
Australia Newfoundland Club of South Australia
Australia Newfoundland Club of Victoria
Austria Osterreichischer Neufundlanderklub
Belgium The Club Belge du Terre-Neuve
Canada The Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
Czech Republic The Newfoundland Dog Club of Czech Republic
Denmark Newfoundlandklubben i Danmark
Estonia Newfoundland And Landseer Association Of Estonia
Finland Suomen Newfoundlandinkoirayhdistys
France Club Francais du Chien Terre-Neuve et du Landseer
Germany Deutscher Neufundlaender Klub
Germany VND Verein von Neufundlander-Freundenund-Zuchtern in Deutschland e.V.
Ireland Newfoundland Club of Ireland
Ireland The Emerald Isle Newfoundland Club
Italy Club Italiano del Terranova
Jersey Jersey Big Dog Club (all large breeds)
Netherlands Nederlandse Newfoundlander Club
New Zealand The Newfoundland Club Inc
Norway Norsk Newfoundlandshund Klubb
Poland Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce Klub Nowofundlanda i Landseera
Scotland Scottish Newfoundland Club
Slovak Republic Slovak Newfoundland Club
South Africa The Newfoundland Dog Association
Spain Club Español del Terranova
Sweden Svenska Newfoundlandshund Klubben
Switzerland Schweizer Neufundlander Klub
United Kingdom Northern Newfoundland Club
United Kingdom The Southern Newfoundland Club
United States of America Newfoundland Club of America
Outline map of the USA with regional Newfoundland Clubs marked

American Regional Breed Clubs

The Newfoundland Club of America maintains a fairly frequently updated list of the American regional clubs.

USA Regional Clubs


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