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Promoting Health and Longevity in the Newfoundland breed

Welcome to the Health Database

The Newfoundland Club's health database is now part of the Joint Newfoundland Clubs Health Database, an initiative between the three mainland UK Breed Clubs recognised by the Kennel Club.

We currently have the names of 23,469 Newfoundlands in the database and this number grows all the time, though only a minority will have health test data associated.

There are no charges involved with either inclusion in or use of this database.

Please visit the Joint Newfoundland Clubs Health Database search page to look for any dog for whom you would like to see health test data.

If the information is incomplete, inaccurate or if the dog is missing from the database, please let us know by emailing our Joint Database Administrators and providing as much detail as you can. We cannot accept scanned copied of test results sent by email, instead we will ask you to send a first generation photocopy of the results by post - we retain hard copies of all results which do not otherwise appear on the Kennel Club's Mate Select web site. Updates may not appear immediately because of verification processes which may involve contacting you directly.

Our ultimate aim is to have as much health and pedigree related information as possible so that anyone who is interested can select an individual dog and view its health records.

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