The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in the show ring

Championship Show - 11 November 2001

Judges and officers

The Judges Ms. B. Gothen and Mrs. G. Brouwer
accompanied by Mrs. Norah Taylor (Club Chairman) and Mr. Mike Cornhill (Show Manager)

Best In Show: Smithers Sweet Sensation

Reserve Best In Show: Ch Watervalley Marvin Gaye of Merrybear

DOGS - Judge: Ms. B. Gothen

Class First Second Third Forth Fifth
Puppy Tremarcol Fernando Bosighey Blue Rain Darkpeak Faery Nuff Ebonywaters Captin Ice-Man Ebonywaters Chesterfer Jo
Veteran Beauberry Biggles of Sheridel Demarsh Buchan Akimiski Cumngo Bayleaf JW Woodsail Serjanus Trinityfair King Arthur
Special Yearling Shalowseas Dickens at Mayoss Millthorpe Olympic Spirit Swanpool Rocky Marciano Immerdine Star Quality Wanatopa Just Pinza (TAF)
Junior Swanpool Frankie Dettori Fhirbhata Zaffereli Millthorpe Olympic Spirit Ebonywaters Captin Ice-Man Bearhugs Murray
Novice Lord Byron's Leonardo Da Vinci (NAF) Newphrey Best Buddy Zarafa Nawa What Ebonywaters Captin Ice-Man Shermead Eagle Scout
Graduate Merrybear Versace Lord Byron's Leonardo Da Vinci (NAF) Sheridel Kentucky Swanpool Rocky Marciano Witheld
Post Graduate Gypsysprings Guinness Ursas Midshipman Ready Big Sea Water Laforet Algonquin Cheviot Charmer Ludzska Bobby Jo
Mid Limit Merrybear Unsong Hero Honeybears Murphy Lindall Istabraq Ebonywaters Little Joe Kathoo Lord of the Isles
Limit Galyard Padstowe Honeybears Made to Measure for Hainfield Merrybear Ungarro Gypsysprings Francesco Gypsysprings Gebo
Open Merrybear Thumper Ch Tremarcol Defender Ch Cayuga George Ferrari (Imp) Ch Evanpark Great Bear Merrybear Q'Top
Special Open Black Ch Watervalley Marvin Gaye of Merrybear Ch Tremarcol Defender Millthorpe Buckaneer at Karazan Atlanticbear Faeroe JW Aarozeen Trogen
Special Open Brown Sauvtage The Rum Runner Harbourdeep Lauenbrau of Sheridel Cumngo Hercules of Acara Zaiton the Gambler for Tawiscara Cumngo Barkis
Special Open Landseer Wanitopa Trafalgar Tosca of Cabstar Culnor Puff Daddy Azcain Milky Way Culnor Windforce Hector of Nordtop  
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor Merrybear Willennium Sasquatch Foggy Humber Darkpeak Harrison Stickle JW Sheridel Kavanagh Culnor Doctor Funky

Dog Challenge Certificate:      Ch Watervalley Marvin Gaye of Merrybear

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate:    Merrybear Unsuong Hero

BITCHES - Judge Mrs. G. Brouwer

Class First Second Third Forth Fifth
Puppy Shalowseas Double Meaning Swanpool Black Princess Tremarcol First Lady Darkpeak Penny Dreamweaver Witheld
Veteran Ch Honeybears Bounty Sheridel imagination of Abbeydore Ceilidh Rosebank Ch. Sheridel Inxess at Sealake, JW Sheridel Ione of Darkpeak, JW
Special Yearling Watervalley Tis Magic of Merrybear Newfswain Paris of Davistell      
Junior Newfswain Pretty Woman Cayuga Yes I Can at Sasquatch Stelamah Dream Lily Evanpark all Mine Stelamah Dream Girl
Novice Shalowseas On The Double of Tallisbay Woldy Bears Tile A Knot Too Kermode Bear Sheridel Kelyn Pargrove Coraleen Solo
Graduate Ludzska Bellisimo Ludzska Bella Mia Honeybears Melody Mooncusser Abandon Ship for Hanningfield (Imp) Sealcove Biscay
Post Graduate Honeybears Going For Gold at Mayoss Nutbrook Tipsy Annie Cumngo Rosa Dartle Powerhouse Charisma Tremarcol Dolly Day Dream
Mid Limit Lindall Italian Kiss Swanpool La Fontana Di Trevi Seafar Thoosa Toppolppos Elise for Nordic Angel (Imp) Tynebears Billie-Jean for Darebare
Limit Smithers Sweet Sensation Merrybear Uptown Girl for Tawiscara Zaiton  Enigma Atlanticbear Vatersay Nutbrook Rosanne
Open Honeybears By Design Gypsysprings Forever April Ch Karazan Georgie Girl at Newfswain Merrybear Twilight Express to Stelamah Powerhouse Saucy Sally
Special Open Black Sasquatch Proudly Presents Ch Trinityfair Quista Quay Merrybear Whitney Houston    
Special Open Brown Caslmor Christmas Coco Atlanticbear Vatersay Nutbrook Rosanne Laughing Water Kuruba Rajah
Special Open Landseer Wanitopa Once In A Blue Moon at Millthorpe Ch. Wanitopa La Gioconda of Storytime      
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor Smithers Sweet Sensation Watervalley Polly Peachum Ch. Trinityfair Buttons An Bows Bearsyead Irresistable Kerribay Maid of Orleans

Bitch Challenge Certificate:     Smithers Sweet Sensation

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate:   Honeybears By Design

BRACE - Judged jointly

Class First Second Third
Brace Mrs. C. & Mr. S Walker's Brace Mr. C. & Mrs. P Dawes' Brace