The Newfoundland Club

Eductating and Informing on Health in Newfoundlands

We have provided links below to documents we hope will educate and inform on health issues affecting the Newfoundland breed.

Kennel Club Breed Health And Conservation Plan

The August 2018 Breed Health And Conservation Plan (BHCP) for Newfoundlands published by the Kennel Club (Adobe PDF format 2.8Mb)

Echo Doppler Guidelines

Recommendation for the screening of Newfoundland dogs for the presence of genetic problems (Adobe PDF format 30Kb)

Veterinary Cardiovascular Society

Portal page to find approved Cardiologists for Heart Testing.

Echo Doppler Vets

PDF of VCS list (June 2022) of those veterinary surgeons that are accredited to perform auscultation and/or echo doppler examinations.

Health Seminar part 1

Information from The Newfoundland Club's 1999 health seminar part 1 relating to Cilary Dyskinesia

Health Seminar part 2

Information from The Newfoundland Club's 1999 health seminar part 2 relating to Hereditary Heart Disease the the Newfoundland

Bloat Symptoms Guide

Quick reference guide for "bloat". Look-up chart format for relating what is happening - what the dog is doing - what you should be doing - treatment. (Adobe PDF format. 11Kb approx)

Bloat Leaflet

One page Quick reference guide for "bloat". (Adobe PDF format 7Kb)

Bloat Booklet

Twelve page detailed description of "bloat", it's possible causes, identification and actions to be taken. (Adobe PDF format 59Kb)

Animal Health Trust Open Day

Report on Genetics and testing for Genetic disorders (Adobe PDF format 29Kb)


Cystinuria in the UK population of Newfoundland Dogs - Survey Results. Author Alison Ridyard DSAM, DECVIM-CA, MRCVS, Feb 2003. (Adobe PDF format 446Kb)

Further information on Cystinuria can be found on our Cystinuria in Newfoundland Dogs information page.

Laryngeal Paralysis Presentation

Presentation on the cause, treatment and managementof Laryngeal Paralysis given by Alasdair Hotston Moore of The University of Bristol (Adobe PDF format 5,393Kb)