The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in the show ring


Photograph of the show judges, Mrs. Mary Pitcher and Mr. Graham Brace

Dogs: Mrs. Mary Pitcher
Bitches: Mr. Graham Brace (Boromir)



Photograph of the Best In Show winner, Merrybear Thumper

Merrybear Thumper

Pictured here with owner Mrs. Edwards


Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog.jpg (21141 bytes) Messrs Cutts & Galvin's Merrybear Barry White, D.O.B. 03.04.01. Br Owner. Cayuga Edwuardo for Merrybear (Imp) - Cayuga Primavera for Merrybear (Imp). Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Show.




Veteran Dog

Veteran Dog.jpg (21783 bytes)Mr G Simmons' Muscadine Barolo, D.O.B. 05.01.92. Br D & H Butcher. Ch Karazan Thunder Bay - Shermead Fortune Cookie.




Special Yearling Dog

Sp Yearling Dog.jpg (33032 bytes)Mr & Mrs Cooper's Tremarcol Fernando, D.O.B 16.04.01. Br M. Collins. Cayuga Giovanni for Merrybear (Imp) - Tremarcol Countess



Junior Dog

Junior Dog.jpg (26715 bytes)Mr & Mrs Hindmarch's Millthorpe Olympic Spirit, D.O.B 26.09.00. Br Mrs A Springthorpe. Millthorpe Buckaneer at Karazan - Millthorpe Savannah




Novice Dog

Novice Dog.jpg (31260 bytes)Mr & Mrs Smith's Jolakada Alabama Mylar, D.O.B. 21.03.99. Br Owner. Beauberry Biggles of Sheridel - Darkpeak Nemetona for Jolakada




Post Graduate Dog

Post Grad Dog.jpg (26807 bytes)Mr Shaw's Ludzska Bobby Jo, D.O.B. 30.04.00. Br Mrs D Linton. Cayuga Giovanni for Merrybear (Imp) - Millthorpe Lizbeth at Karazan




Limit Dog

Limit Dog.jpg (24738 bytes)Mr & Mrs Sheridan's Merrybear Ricardo, D.O.B. 18.06.98. Br Messrs Cutts & Galvin. Cayuga Giovanni for Merrybear (Imp) - Ch Merrybear Eloquence. reserve Best Dog in Show




Open Dog

Open Dog.jpg (32169 bytes)Mrs Edwards' Merrybear Thumper, D.O.B. 10.03.99. Br Messrs Cutts & Galvin. Ch Cayuga Edwuardo for Merrybear (Imp) - Merrybear Norma Jean. Best Black Dog, Best Dog and Best in Show.




Special Open Dog Black

Sp Open Dog Bl.jpg (31525 bytes)Mr & Mrs Parker's Evanpark El-Franco, D.O.B. 26.09.98. Br Owner.  Cayuga Giovanni for Merrybear - Evanpark GiGi




Special Open Dog Brown

Sp Open Dog Br.jpg (23494 bytes)Mr & Mrs Carr's Sauvtage The Rum Runner, D.O.B. 31.01.97. Br Owner. Ch Newfhouse Scandinavian Warrior for Merrybear - Kirimour Dancing Flame at Sauvtage. Best Brown Dog.




Special Open Dog Landseer

Sp Open Dog La.jpg (23974 bytes)Mrs Leicester-Hope's Wanitopa Suzuki, D.O.B. 23.06.2001 Br Owner.  Ch Toadhalls Milo - Ch Wanitopa Madam Butterfly. Best Landseer Dog.







Puppy Bitch

Puppy Bitch.jpg (21773 bytes)Mrs Stuckey's Honeybears Esprit De Mare, D.O.B. 17.07.01. Br Owner. Ch Mayoss Booker - Honeybears Mischief. Best Puppy Bitch.





Veteran Bitch

Veteran Bitch.jpg (30347 bytes)Mrs Burgess' Karazan Millie Mondae at Bearsted, D.O.B. 23.01.95. Br Colgan. Ch Pouchcoves Repeat After Me at Karazan - Karazan Rain Dancer. Best Veteran in Show.



Special Yearling Bitch

Sp Yearling Bitch.jpg (31869 bytes)Ms Potts' Beauberry Bubbles, D.O.B. 28.05.01. Br S C, V & T N Downs. Ch Mayoss Booker Krystalcove Stardust




Junior Bitch

Junior Bitch.jpg (26426 bytes)Mr C Rushton & Miss C Hurst's Shalowseas Double Meaning, D.O.B. 11.11.00. Br S Morgan. Ch Mayoss Booker - Shalowseas Wait n See





Novice Bitch

Novice Bitch.jpg (29893 bytes)Mr & Mrs Smith's Jolakada Anquilla Dame, D.O.B. 21.03.99. Br Owner. Beauberry Biggles of Sheridel - Darkpeak Nemetona for Jolakada




Post Graduate Bitch

Post Grad Bitch.jpg (27559 bytes)Mr & Mrs Jordan's Nutbrook Tipy Annie, D.O.B. 08.04.00. Br Mrs A Merrick. Ch Ceilidh Auchentoshan of Sheridel - Nutbrook Mrs Woolfit. Reserve Best Bitch in Show




Limit Bitch

Limit Bitch.jpg (36978 bytes)Mr & Mrs Smith's Smithers Sweet Sensation, D.O.B. 13.01.00. Br Owner. Cayuga Giovanni for Merrybear - Honeybears Too Hot to Handle of Merrybear. Best Black Bitch, Best Bitch In Show & Reserve Best in Show.



Open Bitch

Open Bitch.jpg (24981 bytes)Mr K Dalzial & Miss N Pritchett's Ch Karazan Georgie Girl at Newfswain, D.O.B. 10.10.97. Br Mrs Colgan. Ch Cayuga George Ferrari (Imp) - Ch Karazan Love On a Carousel




Special Open Bitch Black

Sp Open Bitch Bl.jpg (23839 bytes) Mr & Ms Cheung's Nutbrook Kit Gayford of Brinmont, D.O.B. 20.11.97. Br Mrs Merrick. Hollibrooke Maverick St Cayuga Nutbrook - Ch Merrybear Ariadne Nutbrook





Special Open Bitch Brown

Sp Open Bitch Br.jpg (26243 bytes)Mr & Mrs Jordan's Nutbrook Rosanne, D.O.B. 22.04.98. Br Mrs A Merrick. New-fuur-lands Russel Newbery Nutbrook - Merrybear Armanie Nutbrook. Best Brown Bitch & Best Brown in Show




Special Open Bitch Landseer

Sp Open Bitch La.jpg (23637 bytes)Mrs A Springthorpe's Wanitopa Once in a Blue Moon at Millthorpe JW, D.O.B. 16.08.99. Br Mrs J Leicester-Hope. Joalta Silver Skydragon - Ch Wanitopa Madam Butterfly. Best Landseer Bitch & Best Landseer in Show