The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in Working Tests

Water Section A

Judges: Mrs. H. Houldsworth & Mr. D. Barnard

2 passed out of 3 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Cardus Mr. & Mrs. P BEN
Hicks, Mr. & Mrs. D. GEORGE Aarozeen Quarter Back

Water Section B

Judges: Mrs. L. Newland & Mr. P. Webber

3 passed out of 16 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Fleming, Mr. J. CASSIE Aquasilk Easy Life
Hewson, Miss. K. & Wells. Mr. J. TANNER Merrybear Tan Is The Man
Leonard, Mr. & Mrs. M. RUMOUR Darkpeak Sweet Little Lies

Water Section C

Judges: Mr. S. Mallett & Mrs. L. Newland

1 passed out of 2 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Easton, Dr. S. & Lamb, Dr. D. CLARENCE Calvados Prometheos Fire

Water Section D

Judges: Mr. C. Newland & Mr. S. Mallett

0 passed out of 2 entries.

Water Section E

Judges: Mr. C. Newland & Mrs. L. Whiting

0 passed out of 3 entries.

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