The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in Working Tests

Water Section A

Judges: Mr. S. Pallot & Miss V. Chadwick

10 passed out of 11 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. ARTHUR Newgraden Knight Of Templar At Newfarrier
Atkins, Ms. D. BEAR Bearhugs Baretheon
Burridge, Dr. J. & Mrs. K. TIA Bridgestone Callaway At Bagglebears
Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. K. BOYCIE Unknown
Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. K. ODIN Chateaunewf Meet Joe Black
King, Mrs. J. BONNIE Safeharbour Hey Baby
King, Mrs. J. SUMMER Safeharbour Dirty Dancing
King, Mrs. J. EFFIE Safeharbour White But Cute
Moulsdale, Mr. & Mrs. L FRANKIE Piratebears Xmarks The Spot
Thornton Mr. & Mrs. D MERLOT Bearhugs Khal

Water Section C

Judges: Mr. P. Dodd & Miss K. Thompson

5 passed out of 9 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Burridge, Dr. J. & Mrs. K. IZZI Bagglebears Gregale
Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. K. MOSES Unknown
King, Mrs. J. SASHA Safeharbour The Never Never
Thornton Mr. & Mrs. D MOBY Applebank Lucky Star
Wells, Miss K. & Buckle, Miss S. NELLIE Staneberne Icing On The Cake For Lake Aragorn

Water Section E

Judges: Miss V Chadwick & Mr. M. Magorrian

0 passed out of 1 entry.

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