The Newfoundland Club

Encouraging the development and progression of show judges

As of 05 March 2016

Show Judges List

The Committee of the Newfoundland Club are responsible for maintaining a list of Judges and submitting the list to the Kennel Club. Additions to the Judges C List or approval of Judges to the B List or A3 List is decided by a two-thirds majority vote of the Committee.

The list is regularly updated - to apply for a copy of the current list, please contact the Hon. Secretary. Email

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Newfoundland Club Judging List, please download, complete and return the questionnaire which can be found here.

A1 List

Judges who have previously been approved to award CC's in the breed and have carried out the appointment, and have the support of the Club.
Non-Breed Specialists
Mrs. A. Arch Mr. A. Brace Mrs. L. Cartledge Mrs. C. Coxall
Mrs. M. Everton Mrs. S. Garner Ms. E. Haapaniemi (Finland) Mr. S. Hall
Mr. T. Jones Mr. F. Kane Miss J. Lanning Mrs. K. Le Mare
Mr. J. Luscott Mr J. McManus Mrs. G. Mogford Mr. S. Pascoe
Mr. M. Quinney Mr. P. Radley Mr. I.Sexton Mrs. F. Somerfield
Mr. J. Adey Mrs. V. Adey Mrs. S. Archer Mrs. G. Barker
Mrs. S. Benyon Mr. G. Birch Mr. G. Brace Mrs. L. Burgess
Mrs. G. Burrows Mr. J. Burrows Mr. D. Butcher Mr. B. Carr
Miss V. Chadwick Mr. G. Coldwell Mr. J. Colgan Mrs. M. Cox
Mr. G. Cutts Mrs. J. Davie Mrs. E. Denham Mr. W. Dobbin
Mr. C. Drury Mr. J. Evans Mrs. K. Farrar Mr. K. Frost
Mr. P. Galvin Mrs. J. Leicester-Hope Mrs. J. Hammond Mrs. A. Howell
Mrs. W. Lowe Mrs. L. May Mr. R. Meakin Mrs. A. Merrick
Mrs. H. Mitchell Mrs. J. Oriani Mr. P. Oriani Mrs. J. Parker
Mr. H. Parker Mrs. A. Penny Mr. W. Piggott Mrs. M. Pitcher
Mrs. C. Pugsley Mrs. L. Ratter Mrs. D. Richards Mr. H. Richards
Mrs. C. Russell-Smith Ms. D. Sarson Mrs. A. Springthorpe Mrs. L. Stevenson
Mrs. C. Stuckey Mrs. L. Sussams Mr. A. Sussams Mr. M. Sutcliffe
Mr. I. TaylorMrs. N. TaylorMr. S. WalkerMrs. F. Warren
Miss J. WattsMr. W. WinstonMr. R. VincentMiss J. Yeoward

A2 List

Judges who fulfil the requirements for the A3 list and who have been assessed in accordance with the KC requirements and accepted by the KC for inclusion on an A2 list and have the support of the Club.

A3 List

Judges who are recommended by the Club as being suitable to award CC's in the breed but are not yet approved by the KC for inclusion on the A2 list.
Non-Breed Specialists
Mrs. B. Baxter Miss Hamilton-Jones Mrs. S. Hewart-Chambers Mr. T. Johnston
Mr. P. JolleyMrs. F. KayeMs. A. KingMr. P. Lawless
Mrs. S. MonaghanMr. T. MunroMrs. S. Pollock-YuleMr. C. Quantrill
Mrs. L. RamsingMr. B. Reynolds-FrostMr. G. RualMr. S. Sandford
Mr. R. TownsendMiss S. Wardle 
Mr. S. AndersonMrs. J. GrovesMrs. P. Leech 

B List

Judges who have been approved by the Club to judge at shows without CC's or Open Shows.
Non-Breed Specialists
Mr. K. BaldwinMr. BlundenMs. M. BryantMr. D. Cavill
Mrs. N. DownMr. W. Dobbin (Junior)Mr. P. EmbletonMrs K. Forster
Mrs. M. HathawayMr. J. HorswellMr. K. JessupMr. R. Kinsey
Mr. S. MallardMr. T. NagrechaMrs. S. NeedhamMr. K. Newhouse
Ms. J. Peak.Mr. A. RawsonMr. A. ReesMr. Richardson
Mr. V. SaltMs. M. ScottMr. A. SkeddMrs. D. Stanbury
Mrs. A. AdairMs. S. AshdownMr. D. BedfordMs. S. Blake
Mr. S. CheungMr. P. ClaytonMiss E. ColdwellMrs. M. Collins
Mrs. J. CornhillMiss S. DearyMr. P. DoddMr. R. Furnell
Mrs S. GatwardMr. R. HindletMs. S. KingsleyMr. S. Kinsella
Mr. N. LeeMr. W. LloydMrs. S. Lloyd-DenmanMrs. C. Lyall
Mr. J. McKayMrs L. MillerMrs. M. MundayMrs. D. Randall
Mrs. S. ScanlonMiss A. Stevenson.Ms. A. WaldenMrs. C. Wilson

C List

For aspiring judges who do not fall into the above categories.
Non-Breed Specialists
Mr. D. AllsoppMr. R. BoltMrs. P. BorrelliMrs. M. Boulcott
Mr. R. BrandonMs. K. BrownMr. L. CoxMr. B. Croft
Mr. R. CrudenMiss E. M. DaviesMr. G. DanceMr. G. Dybdall
Mr. A. EasdonMr. Eaton-CruzeMr. H. FeethamMrs. C. Friend-Rees
Mr. P. GreenwayMr. D. HardingMr. P. HardingMs. A. Hearne
Miss M. HodgsonMrs. A. HutchinsonMr. C. JohnMrs. G. J. Lilley
Mr. S. LuxmooreMs. P. Luxmoore-BallMrs. T. MasonMrs. D. McCann
J. H. MiddletonMr. A. NitschMrs. S. NitschMs. J. Paradise
Mrs. P. ParryMr. F. PayneMr. T. RewstonMr. J. Ritchie
Mrs J. RualMs. M. SargentMr. K. SavageMs. S. Schmocker
Ms. M. ScottMr. N. SeamanMrs. Shorer-WheelerMs. S. Tadd
Mr. B. TempletonMr. R. TempletonMrs. S. TollidayMr. C. Toynton
Mr. F. WhitbreadMr. K. Young 
Mr. A. BatleyMs. S. BaxterMs. M. BlackburnMr. B. Breach
Mr. B. CaldwellMrs. N. DavisMr. B. FilewoodMs. A. Foster
Mr. N. GowerMiss J. HindlettMrs. A. LeitchMs. J. Lindley
Mrs. D. LintonMr. J. LongmoreMr. C. MorrisMrs. D. Vincent
Miss S. WarkeMrs. J. WoodhallMs. G. Woods