The Newfoundland Club

Founded in 1886 - the world's oldest continuously registered Breed Club

The Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh

The Working Section sub-committee are responsible for organising official Water and Draught Tests, for the approval and appointment of judges for those tests and for the periodic review of test regulations. They report to the main committee on a regular basis.

Any matters which you wish to be noted, dicusssed or brought to the attention of other working memebers should be addresses to the Working Section sub-committee. Matters to be raised at a sub-committee meeting need to be sent in writing to the Secretary of the Working Section in sufficient time to be included in the next meeting's agenda.

Working Section Sub-Committee

Kevin Clarke


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Ronnie Chadwick

02380 897458
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Chris Roberts

01268 475390
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Greg Roffe

01775 719235
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