The Newfoundland Club

Recognising the achievements of Newfoundlands in Working Tests

Water Section A

Judges: Miss A. Raven & Mr. K. Richards

11 passed out of 14 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Barnes, Mrs. N. MISTY Mileoak Deep Waters
Green, Mr. & Mrs. C. BILLY Evanpark Jensens Button
Jefferies, Mr. M. SPOOK Barachois Lord Of The Rings
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. S. DARLA Piratebears Flag Ship
Kaechele, Mr. & Mrs. LEO Kernowdale Cato In The Wood
Kay, G. & Ellis, C. HOPE Sheenmarie She's A Rebel
Magorrian, Mr. & Mrs. M. THOR Carisue Canopus Star
Mills, Ms. S. SUMMER Acguascura Record Breaker
Rust, Ms. H. BYRON Seadale Mystical Minds
Walker, Mr. & Mrs. S. OLIVIA Hanningfield Simple Dreams
Walls, Mr. & Mrs. C. NELSON Blacktide In The Red

Water Section B

Judges: Mrs. S. Dobson & Miss G. Hornsby

4 passed out of 13 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Bone, Mr. & Mrs. D. OBI Forgebear Hollywood
Constable, Mr. & Mrs. J. WILLOW Hanningfield Water Willow
Graves, Mr. & Mrs. D. FREDDIE Shalowseas Rhyme Nor Reason
Wells, Miss K. NELLIE Staneberne Icing On The Cake For Lake Aragorn

Water Section C

Judges: Mr. M. Magorrian & Mrs. S. Constable

3 passed out of 8 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. ARTHUR Newgraden Knight Of Templar At Newfarrier
Carr, Ms. J. & Lewis, Mr. R. MIA Teddyhawks The Enchanted
Chadwick, Miss V. SULIS Culnor Justdevine Crocus At Uskrail

Water Section D

Judges: Mr. L. Fogg & Miss V. Chadwick

0 passed out of 4 entries.

Water Section E

Judges: Mr. R. Fogg & Miss A. Raven

1 passed out of 2 entries.

OwnerPet NameRegistered Name
Hill, Mr. & Mrs. G RUBY Hanningfiled Princess Leia

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